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Internet and Web Design

Make your first site or relocate the restyling of an existing site. For over twenty years we are the ideal partner for your business on the internet

Software development

GeDInfo develops web-based management software and procedures in Java EE and .NET technologies with DBs such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL

System Assistance

A team of qualified technicians is at your disposal with a remote, on-site telephone service

Apps Ios and Android

Turn your program into a mobile app or create native mobile with our support

Graphic Design

Deliver your company's values ​​to the fullest: we help you achieve your coordinated image and brand identity!

If you do something and is pretty good, you should go on doing something wonderful, do not wait too hard.
Just think about the next thing. About half of what separates entrepreneurs
successful from those who do not succeed is pure perseverance.

- Steve Jobs -