GeDInfo Drive Cloud Storage


GeDInfo Drive Cloud Storage

This service allows you to archive your data online on a server at your facility using your internet connection.
You can store the data in real time or later on according to your needs and take advantage of an internet connection wherever you are.
With this service you will no longer have to fear the theft of your data.

To be able to use the Gedinfo Drive service you must: Register to the service (account) Have access to an internet connection (a connection is recommended)

How to Request a Gedinfo Drive Account

You can request the activation of an account by filling out the form we will activate shortly or by sending an application to

Why choose our service

Our servers, unlike most cloud storage or remote backup services providers, are located in Italy. On Italian soil, your data will be protected according to current Italian privacy laws.

How to access your data:

Download the Windows / Linux / Mac program here:

Through your favorite browser: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome

Through App on your mobile phone / tablet for android and IOS

How Gedinfo Drive Works

Everything is simple and intuitive, just configure on the OwnCloud client the folders you want to copy on our server.
Subsequently, these folders will be kept synchronized automatically without any further action.
You can also upload files through your favorite browser wherever you are and with supported devices.
Once loaded, you will always have the latest version of your files on the Cloud and access it from any device.
It is also possible to request multiple accounts accessing the same data


All communications will be safely through the SSL protocol, with a 2048 bit key.
Only those who have access credentials and other accounts that will be enabled will be able to access their data.

Do you have any particular needs for a custom configuration? Contact us for a detailed quote.