Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

Graphic and Communication Design

GeDInfo is involved in the design, implementation and printing of commercial and institutional graphic design for businesses and individuals.
We design and make custom coordinated images and tailor-made for each type of customer, from the simple flyer to the corporate catalog; we are proposing you as a support partner for all those who need graphics consulting for their business.

Creating a logo

The logo is the most important component in a corporate identity. It gives value to your image and becomes a visual tool that serves to present you, talk about you and your business without using words.

Documents with coordinated image

Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, brochures, catalogs: print your identity everywhere.

Custom gadgets

Realize with us the graphics for pens, shopper, calendars to give to your customers.

Graphics and illustrations

Advertising posters, book covers, illustrations, coordinated images for social networks: there are many graphical aspects that we can cure for you.

Advertising campaigns

Starting from the same basic idea (slogan, illustration, image), we can make it from the paper poster to the banner for advertising on the web.