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GeDInfo offers hosting packages dedicated to individuals and businesses. We guarantee the utmost reliability of all web services and the utmost care of all our customers' needs. All of our hosting plans are configurable, flexible and can include the installation of our CMS Portfolio software to be immediately online. You will be able to choose among our professional services the ones most suited to your specific needs.

Whether you choose Linux or Windows, our hosting plans ensure excellent performance for every need, with numerous services included, and all the tools you need to succeed in your project.

-Management of administrative practices for domain registration and management (Italian and foreign)
- Complete server configuration
-Configure and activate e-mail (pop3 account)
-E-mail: No space limitation (sending / receiving / holding)
- WEB MAIL SERVICE - Graphing access statistics
-Traffic unlimited
-Unlimited ability to host and overlay other domains
-Assessment of a static public IP address
-No Internet bandwidth limit

Connectivity is over-sized with respect to traffic and is constantly expanding, providing access to your ever-directed pages and a very high speed in data transfer. Connecting to the major data backbones guarantees very high performance even when sites are used abroad.
We are at your disposal from the most economical proposition, all you can need now and in the future.

Disaster Recovery: A second twin machine is ready to intervene.
Backup drives make a copy of the data every 24 hours, a UPS ensures operation even in the absence of electricity. Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will have a person who can contact you by phone or mail that will help you resolve any possible doubt as well as of course our technical support.

We offer you a strong convenience, our prices are highly competitive.