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Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) is the system that allows you to send e-mails with legal value equal to a registered return receipt. In addition, the Certified Mail System, using the security protocols used, is able to ensure content security without making any changes to the message, both in terms of content and any attachments.

It is a service for Private individuals, businesses and public entities who want to avoid tails and expenses for sending the recommended, streamline paper mail management, and streamline customer and supplier relationships, saving considerable savings both in economic terms and in time .

The Certified Electronic Mail Service from GeDInfo is available with:

Activate boxes on your domain registered with GeDInfo (

Activate Certified Generic Domain Boxes (@, @

-You use it as normal email either through client program (eg Outlook Express) or online via webmail.

-The service uses secure POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and HTTP protocols. All communications are protected because they are digitally encrypted and signed.

-Unlike traditional e-mail, PEC is fully recognized and receipts can be used as evidence of sending, receiving and even the content of the message being sent.

-Confronting the costs of a PEC box with that of tools such as faxes and recommended savings in economic terms and time is remarkable.

-The main information regarding transmission and delivery is kept for 30 months by the operator and is also open to third parties.

-The annual price of a PEC box is fixed and does not incur additional costs based on usage.

-PEC service is almost immune to SPAM.