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Portfolio CMS

Today, the web has a need that has become of paramount importance: it needs to be up-to-date.
Anyone who needs a site, once online, must be able, at any time, to update the contents in full autonomy, to enter the new offers, the news of the day, this, of course, even without having any computer knowledge .
The tool for managing a site is commonly referred to as a CMS, that is, a content management system.
To make a website or web application, our proposal is that of a CMS Portfolio, a proprietary CMS and not a common free Open Source CMS.

Why a CMS Owner?

Just as today's web requires customer autonomy in content management, in order to be able to run quickly and at no extra cost, publish whatever you want, it is equally important that the system can be safe, durable, and resistant to attacks.
With free CMS and Open Source this is not guaranteed, a few months ago, vulnerabilities in an open source product could be exploited by malicious people who, by automatic procedures, regularly violate many online sites, often inserting into malware pages, which in turn can cause damage to potential customers or recover sensitive data in the website archives (customers, invoices, prices, etc.)

-Interfaccia grafica completamente personalizzabile
-Amministrazione completa attraverso il browser
-Gestione banner pubblicitari temporizzati
-Ricerca avanzata sui contenuti
-Agenda appuntamenti
-Contenuti moderabili
-Promozioni con Google, PiacenzaSera, Seat
-Form per moduli di contatto
-QR Code e Codice EAN generator per ogni articolo
-Import ed export dati in formato xml
-Scrittura mediante editor WYSIWYG
-Feed RSS disponibili per documenti e categorie
-Tag Cloud

Using a proprietary CMS as the CMS Portfolio has several advantages


We wanted to make you manage your site as easy as possible, insert, edit or delete menus, pages, content, news or other basic elements of your site will be no different than editing or creating a Word document, deleting a file from your disk .
Finally, training for our product is already included in the purchase package and our staff will remain at your disposal to resolve any future doubts when needed.


Another strong point in our product is safety.
A free CMS whose development code is public becomes, after a few months of installation, an easy prey for hackers, who, by exploiting open source flaws and making them public by open source developers, could "destroy" your site or insert malware that could also hurt your customers.
The code of our product is not on the public domain and this results in a greater security guarantee.


Keeping in mind that the most classic procedures needed to manage a standard site are already present in the CMS Portfolio, when a particular need arises, we will be able to build new modules that will fit perfectly to your needs. We will not install products that are already developed for a generic customer, but the procedure is exactly tailored to you.

There are 3 versions of CMS Portfolio.
All versions can be customized to suit your needs and can be interfaced with APP apps developed for modern smartphones.

The BASIC version includes:
- Documents / news
- News
- Contact Forms
- Banner
- Social Network Integration

The SMART Version includes the same options as the BASIC version and in addition:
- Newsletter
- Photogallery
- Multilingual
- Comments

The PRO version includes the same options as the SMART version with in addition:
- Agenda
- E-Commerce
- Forms that generate PDFs
- Management of roles / users and specific permissions
- Mobile version
- Send SMS
- Surveys
- Billboard
- QRCode and EAN generator code