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REGOLA through the most advanced ICT technologies, provides a variety of features to the practitioner, studied by specialists in organizational consulting and auditing, which in fact automates much of their business activities, making it easy, productive and secure to work.

The service provides the full range of insurance required in cases of absolute and complete protection of stored information and documents, from backup storage to management in accordance with the privacy policy. The information system is able to isolate content and programs involved in the service from any unwanted or abusive access by implementing innovative information protection policies.

To optimize the tasks related to the job, REGOLA provides a specialized environment where to set and monitor the assignment. In this environment, the operator in charge can enter both the documentation agreed with the client and all the activities contemplated by the full deadline to be respected.

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- It is a tool for managing, controlling, and deconstructing the web-based review process and does not require any installation
- Manages cloud computing modes of workflows: professional, collaborative, and customer
- Facilitates stable collaboration with the customer for effective continuous analysis over time
- Enables rigorous management of analysis and review documentation
- It enables online analysis through virtual interaction with resources at the company (collaborators, employees)
-Looks to work easily on acquired data, for example on the auditing budget for the construction and index analysis:
- financial structure
- value added tax account