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Software development

Software development

Computer systems design and software development

GeDInfo develops custom software and web-based and client-server management applications with the help of relational databases. Computerized solutions range from customizing simple websites, to multi-tier applications with web interface, from services specific to enterprise management applications.
Generally, however, it is the realization of "vertical" products and services, that is to maximize the satisfaction of the requirements expressed by the customer.
GeDInfo can manage the entire life cycle of a product or service or collaborate in the design and execution of a part of it, possibly managing it as a subproject.
In these years many and many different designs have been developed for customers.

Applications and solutions for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

GeDInfo is an Apple and Google developer and is able to implement applications for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as for all Android-based mobile phones. Our development team is able to handle all the different elements that make up a successful app: from the graphical interface to the programming of the various elements.
GeDInfo specializes in the analysis and modeling, design, implementation, maintenance of web-based and client-server applications (in Java EE and .NET technologies using different Oracle databases, MS Sql, MySql, Postgresql) Software life cycle:
configuration control
issue tracking
system test
continuous integration


Software for statutory auditing